Smart Nanotechnology Driven CoatingsSmart Nanotechnology Driven CoatingsSmart Nanotechnology Driven Coatings

Smart Nanotechnology Driven Coatings



Smart Nanotechnology Driven Coatings


NanoPhos was founded in 2005 with a vision to transfer innovation from the laboratory to everyday life, utilizing the power of nanotechnology. ΝanoPhos Marine harnesses nanotechnology achievements to create clever materials that effectively solve common needs such as fouling growth, sea water corrosion, incident heat radiation and accumulation of salt deposits. Nanotechnology driven formulations exhibit unique properties and functionality comparing to conventional products. Antifouling coatings without metal biocides, thermal insulating paints or even self-cleaning protection are only few among the benefits that the nano-world can offer.


NanoPhos Marine products are divided in three main categories:


  • Maintenance, Cleaning and Care products.
  • Below the waterline protective coatings: Wide variety of antifoulants, nanoengineered anticorrosive coatings and certified primers.
  • Above the waterline : robust anti-slip deck coatings, thermal insulating  and stain resistant paints and heavy-duty holds compartment protective materials.


NanoPhos Marine coatings serve a wide range of applications for the yachting, off shore, shipbuilding, supplying or repairing sectors. All products meet the strictest quality, type approvals, applicability and performance characteristics. Green character and legislation conformity are also underlined. NanoPhos Marine meets performance with cost eff ectiveness. NanoPhos Marine brings technology to revolutionize marine, functional coatings.


Download our NanoPhos Marine Brochure and Technical Data Book.


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