Olympia Electronics

Fire Detection Systems

marine and land applications

Olympia Electronics S.A. 


Since 1979, Olympia Electronics has been active in developing innovative electronic safety and security systems by using state of the art technology.


Olympia Electronics can offer:


  • Emergency Lighting for marine applications 
    Self-testing emergency luminaires, luminaires for CBS, anti-explosive type luminaires etc.
  • Fire Detection Systems for marine applications 
    Conventional, Analogue Addressable Fire Detection Systems 


Olympia Electronics' products allocate certificates from various laboratories such as: LPCP, VdS, TUV, H.E.E.Q.A.C, Lloyd's, EVPU, ANCO, EMV, PHOENIX TEST LAB, LS, MIKES BABT and countries such as  UAE, GOST, EURO CERT and CE marking. Also Olympia Electronics S.A. has been certified according to ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 140001 and for the second time has been accredited the European enterprise distinction in the scope of EFQM Levels of Excellence. 


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