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Technical Personnel for the Marine & Offshore

In addition to our sales and marketing services we have expanded our portfolio with a personnel service organization through which we provide technical personnel for different industries and disciplines. By combining our knowledge with high quality products we are able to offer you our expertise in all stages of the production process.

For this service Tulive cooperates with Leirinav, a Portuguese Employment Agency dedicated to the Marine and Offshore Industries. For their operations in the Netherlands Leirinav is VRO certified and SNA registered, based on NEN 4400-1 and NEN 4400-2. Its staff has over 20 years of experience and by using their knowledge and the knowledge accumulated in Portugal for decades, Leirinav can deliver flexible, qualified and committed staff in the following fields of expertise:

  • Fitters, Steel / Pipe
  • Certified Welders
    worldwide accepted according to EN 96061 and AWS
  • Foreman Fitters, Steel / Pipe
  • Foreman Welders
  • Welding and Fitters Supervisors
  • QC Inspectors
  • Welding Inspectors
    According to AWS
  • Steel Coordinators
  • Project Managers

Safety is one of Leirinav’s biggest concerns. Therefore Leirinav has certified personnel with VCA/VCU and the offshore training 0.5A BOSIET OLF.

World Wide Projects
Leirinav’s personnel is active in the following areas:

  • Europe
    Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, France 
  • North America 
    USA, Mexica 
  • South America
    Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador
  • Africa 
    Gabon, Republic of Congo
  • Asia 
    Thailand, Malaysia, UAE


QWS – Quality Welding School
Practice proves that merely training welders to obtain an officially recognized diploma is not enough for them to achieve good results under difficult circumstances. Effective training in simulated practical environments is therefore an absolute must. For that reason Leirinav created QWS – Quality Welding School.

  • Expanding the welders field of expertise. The minimum required level for participation is level 4
  • Additional training courses in the arts of SMAW, FCAW and the gouging of carbon based metals
  • Under the supervision of Lloyds Register
  • Upon successful completion of the test under the strict current code specifications, Lloyds can use the laboratory test to make out a final certificate.

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